Eilert Älskad, saknad


My friend Eilert–-and I do feel honored to be able to call him a friend––is sorely missed. He gave us much through is vision and his artistry. I feel so sad that his visions darkened, became black and then turned on him. He was too gentle and kind a man to have this happen. He, with his laughter and gentle way, taught me much. I can’t present a talk with my slides without seeing Eilert in the back row, hands on his cheeks, head turned ever so slightly, evaluating them for how to made them better! I’m so glad that part of him lives on inside of me in this way. Through his eyes and perspectives I know I’m a better teacher. I just wish he could have seen and felt the love and respect so many of us had for him. So many, myself included, wish we could have been at the abyss and held him and pulled him back to be with us. Few know the importance of Eilert and his artistry on my work, but I know and he knew; for I regularly told him so and I could see his pride as he reviewed some of my slides and recognized his influence on me. He would laugh, and then we would talk of how to make things better. If only some of that better could have reached you in those dark moments! Life is not fair, and never has been, and never will be… but this type of unfairness cuts deep. He is still needed in so many ways and I very much wish he were here to call, chat with, and spend time going over ideas and thoughts with him. Dear Friend, I hope and pray that you have peace. I so look forward to the times when we can sit, share ideas and perspectives and I can again see your sweet smile, the twinkle in your eyes, and hear your wonderful little laugh.
Craig Nakken
Your friend and colleague